Custom Consoles for Sale

Below you’ll find a selection of our customs we have in stock. The prices do not include Shipping & handling. Please drop us a message at if you’re interested in purchasing any.

Custom Zelda Game Boy Advance

A custom detailed Game Boy Advance featuring a Funny Playing IPS Backlit mod, custom case, 9k Gold Leaf accents and weathered paint job.

£125.00 SOLD

Custom Controller Shells

Custom Controller shells available.

All shells are fully etch-primed, sprayed with custom-mixed chameleon paints (several to choose from) and clear coated with automotive clear coat.

Playstation Dual Shock 4 V2 front shell – £20.00
Playstation Dual Shock 4 V1 complete shell – £30.00
Xbox One controller front Shell – £20.00


RetroPixel IPS modded Game Boy DMGs

Both Units have the FunnyPlaying IPS Retro Pixel V2 mod. Multiple colours selection, multi contrast & brightness, Retropixel feature enable/disable.

Teal & White iMac Unit: £120.00 SOLD

Classic DMG Shell: £115.00 SOLD

Custom Metroid Game Boy Advance SP

A custom cased Game Boy Advance SP in a Metroid Samus Aran themed shell. Featuring battle damage and custom decals.

£65.00 SOLD

Custom Metroid Game Boy Advance

A custom detailed Game Boy Advance featuring a Funny Playing IPS Backlit mod, custom case, custom machined case and weathered paint job.


Custom Colour-shift Playstation (SCPH-9001)

Custom painted Playstation 1 – in great working order with custom chameleon blue/green/purple paint on controller and console. Comes boxed with all leads.

£100.00 SOLD

Custom “The Mandalorian – Baby Yoda” Game Boy Pocket

Custom backlit Game Boy Pocket with exclusive Mandalorian Baby Yoda design. Features glitter paint, custom back sticker and clear-coated decal on the front for ultimate hard wearing.

£100.00 SOLD

Custom colour flip Game Boy Color

Featuring a new central-mounted IPS backlit LCD with brightness adjust. Housed in a custom painted colour-flip paint with clear coat for ultimate gloss finish.

£110.00 SOLD

Game Boy Light – Purple Metal fleck

The rare JP-only Game Boy Light with a new metal-fleck purple paint scheme. Aqua backlight functions as normal and unit is in excellent condition.

£120.00 SOLD

Custom Transformers G1 Game Boy Advance SP Shell

Custom painted and clear coated Game Boy Advance SP shell with a Transformers design – ready for you to drop your current Game Boy Advance SP into. Comes with lenses, stickers, buttons, membranes and shell. Does NOT include hinges, these will have to be sourced from your existing shell.

£20.00 SOLD